Custom Crawlspace Remedies For Your Home

At Pro Environmental Services, we have developed high moisture crawlspace remedies that are customized to your home to solve your crawlspace problem. Our crawlspace solutions provide exceptional environmental control for a safe and health crawlspace that will prevent moisture from entering and damaging your home.

You may have a crawlspace problem if you have standing water underneath your home, drywall cracks in the interior of your home, uneven floors, foul odors in the home or you experience heightened allergies or asthma symptoms. Due to the environment in eastern North Carolina, many homes in the area experience excess moisture in their crawlspace. Crawlspace foundations are designed to vent out moisture. However, our hot and humid summer months allow air to vent into the cool environment of the crawlspace, increasing moisture instead of drying the air out. Once moisture gets into the cooler floor framing, there is potential for fungal growth and even wood damage. This problem is very common in coastal North Carolina.

Our crawlspace solutions are designed to protect your home from experiencing these moisture problems. First, a complete vapor barrier is installed as well as a dehumidifier to remove moisture and regular the humidity levels. After a desirable moisture level is reached, we recommend wrapping the foundation walls in polyethylene. This un-vented crawlspace will prevent moisture from entering the crawlspace and causing any damage to the home. The stable environment will also reduce your energy demands and regulate humidity.

Call us today if your home is showing signs of a crawlspace problem! Our team at Pro Environmental Services is certified and experienced in crawlspace assessment and will do what it takes to find the source of your problem! Let the Mold Whackers help protect your home from moisture and humidity in eastern North Carolina!

May 5, 2016