Has your home experienced moisture intrusion?

Throughout the course of a building’s life, it will mostly likely experience some sort of moisture or water intrusion. This may occur in the form of leaks, flooding or condensation. Dampness in a home or building can cause many problems related to your health or the structure of the building.

Moisture is necessary inside the home, however too must moisture is not good. The appropriate amount of relative humidity is 30-50% indoors. When humidity increases over 50%, microbiological growth can occur. Fungal growth and bacteria can potentially cause harmful side effects on your health.

If your home has a mold problem, your home has a moisture problem. At Pro Environmental Services, our staff is fully capable of removing the mold, restoring your home and making sure that your environment is safe. Call today to learn more about PES and how the Mold Whackers can help solve your moisture intrusion problems.

March 25, 2016