Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your home can affect your health. Many people spend a majority of their time inside, therefore it is important that you are breathing in healthy, safe air. Here are a few ways that you can improve the air quality inside your home.

  • If you have pets that live indoors, make sure you keep them clean, bathed and groomed and wash pet bedding regularly.
  • Circulate fresh air. When the weather is nice, open windows for a short period to let in fresh air or simply run ceiling fans.
  • Check and replace air filters regularly.
  • Fabric can collect dust mites. Wash and clean fabrics such as draperies, bedding and upholstered furniture.
  • Try to maintain a humidity in your home below 50%. Mold and mildew grow in humid spaces.
  • Shoes can track in dirt and bacteria. Take your shoes off before coming inside.
  • Clean your home regularly. Dusting, disinfecting and organizing your home can reduce allergens and keep your home clean.

If you need help tackling an air quality problem in your home, call Pro Environmental Services. Our team of specialists is available to assess your home’s air quality and develop a strategy to achieve a safe and healthy air quality inside your home. Call today for a free consultation.

April 18, 2016